Out and About – Assorted Summer Fun

Just random restaurants I’ve been too and things I’ve eaten!


I’m sure by now most New Yorkers have been inspired/overwhelmed by the Vanity Fair summer guide. It inspired a trip to Gemma with my sister Giavanna and my friend Brittany. I was way pleasantly surprised by Bowery Hotel’s restaurant. This place is more than just people watching on a stylish strip of the Bowery.


Italian cocktails – which I skipped and instead had a glass of Falanghina I did not care for. Oh well.

We ordered 3 things to share (every waiter’s dream – “oh we’ll START with this” with no intention of ordering more. Listen im just tryin to live within my meager budget, ya heard?)


 Pizza with prosciutto, artichoke hearts, mushrooms and basil. Shockingly delicious. Like, amazing.

A refreshing salad of mixed greens with ricotta salata, and perfectly roasted aspargus, which did not smile for the picture.

Affordable, considering. Definitely a great spot. Ended the night with more dranks and a sundae at DBGB.

Mediterraean eggs at Café Orlin in the East Village. My wonderful friend John ordered for me, no menu needed. So nice! Eggs, labne (middle eastern yogurt cheese), Israeli veg salad, pita. DONE. Delicious

BBQ at my friend Chloe’s house in Forrest Hills. A refreshing spin on the classic summer food. Delicious bbq chicken (homemade by her mom), asian noodle, zucchini, couscous salad and greens.

A  mediocre Italian ice at Prospect Park, pre- Passion Pit concert – me likey-ed the colors.

THE PERFECT FOOD – a chicken ricotta (CHIGGIN R’GAWT if you are ordering it, and yes caps mean you are shouting) slice at Rosa’s pizza in Huntington, on my home island. No words needed.

Som Tom or Thai green papaya salad at my grandparents house on Long Island. Made by my talented grandfather, Bob Rosen. This food was introduced to me in Thailand by my Uncle Ken who lives there. It is light and crispy and spicy and refreshing. Got the green papayas in chinatown and acted as a mule for my grandparents.

Delicious and nicely displayed guac in Tribeca at Centrico…which failed to really impress us with the rest of the meal.

Bacon egg and cheese SANDWICH at Porco’s Surfside Deli in Huntington. Needed the caps. And needs no other words.


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