The Blogosphere – the beginning and some fun, new links

When I did my earlier post on blogs I like, I cannot believe I completely forgot to feature the blog which started it all for me – Lunch by Front Studio.

 All photos courtesy of Front Studio

Not sure how I stumbled upon these ladies, but I credit them with opening the vast world of food blogs to me! Eternally grateful!! M and Y are NYC architects who have this phenomenal take on the importance of lunch breaks. In their section “The Lost Art of Lunching” they say,
    “…We make a concerted effort each day to get up from our desks, detach ourselves from our computers and leave the office for lunch. This invaluable daily ritual gives us a chance to breathe fresh air and have a much needed change of pace. In the late afternoons we pause for a moment to have something sweet to eat. Over lunch we might discuss strategies for new projects, review existing ones or debate current challenges to the business. But it is the delight of food which reminds us to stop, step back, chill and most importantly – eat. Architects by profession, we’re also ladies who lunch.”

Ah, what a valiant statement in a city filled with nervous workers hunching over their desks eating Luna bars….(or is that..just…me…)

Anyway, they rock. My favorite part about M and Y is that they have a dessert treat – EVERY DAY. Oh and I wrote them a nerdy fan email and they wrote me back and were SUPER NICE.

Another fun photo blog that was influential early in my…food blog appreciation…is Scanwiches.

All Photos courtesy of Scanwiches

 Scanned sandwiches. AWESOME. Need I say more?

I need to make an honorable mention to This Is Why You’re Fat.

I LOVED this blog, which is now a book. It was hilarious. And its been removed. Sad. The facebook version isn’t the same.

Now, two awesome websites I need to mention now are part blog, part recipe index, and all so much suck-away-your-afternoon-and-get-no-work-done fun.

Serious Eats, I think I mentioned before, began as Ed Levine Eats, a website sharing all the great food finds in New York .

All photos from

Brilliantly, it has been transformed to a veritable data base of food info, photos, quizzes, reviews and recipes. I mean I just spent 8 minutes on the edge of my seat reading “21 regional pizza types you didn’t know” 21??! who knew? …Then again, I love  nerdy food info stuff like that. I may or may not have given my work computer a virus trying to find a working link to “secret menu items at fast food restaurants” Had to know the secret. I paid dearly for it. Anyway back to Serious Eats It has awesome sections including A Sandwich a Day, The Crisper Whisperer, Sugar Rush and additionally, my much admired Cakespy is a contributor.

I’ve already expressed my love for The Pioneer Woman, but she gets even better – with Tasty Kitchen. 

 Its a forum she created for her fans, friends and fellow cooks to share their recipes. She is JUST SO COOL AND CREATIVE. It also has an awesome blog with amazing photos. WOW.


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