East Village Food Tour

I am blessed to have a group of friends who are just as enthusiastic about food as I am. A couple of months ago, we did a food tour through the East Village – SO fun and delicious. I really look forward to doing more of these. The East Vil is a good locale because its fairly inexpensive. My good friends Abe and Erin led us as we made our sweet and savory adventure. (All photos courtesy of Erin and Abe)


Our first stop was Otafuku, 9 th St and 2nd Ave. A LEGIT Japanese place. I think we had takoyaki, some sort of squid balls…for the skeptics out there, take a risk! These are finkling delicious!!

Crif Dogs

Crif Dogs, on St. Marks was next. These are hotdogs beyond your imagination – dogs with teriyaki, pineapple and onions, dogs with egg and cheese, dogs with avacado and sour cream, and the list goes on. Pictured above is the BLT dog.Fun spot. Interesting fact – inside Crif Dogs is the ever hyped PDT (please don’t tell), a “hidden” bar in which entry is gained through using the “pay phone” in Crif Dogs. Never ACTUALLY been inside, I’m not pleased to admit.


Ah, I had forgetten this was my first encounter with what is now one of my absolute favorite spots in the city – Caracas on East 7th. I didn’t even know what arepas WERE until I entered this hip Venezuelan spot that is always PACKED but oh so worth the wait. Arepas, according to their website, are ” Latin sloppy joes” or soft little cornmeal pocket filled with DELICIOUS goodies like beef, black beans, tomatoes, white cheese, carmelized onions,various mystery sauces and much more. BOY DO I LOVE AREPAS.


Porchetta, the highly anticipated then highly acclaimed Sara Jenkins project on East 7th was our next stop. Porchetta is the italian term for slow roasted, crispy skinned pork. Their Porchetta sandwich ranked #10 on New York Mag’s recently released 101 Best Sandwiches in New York. Unfortunately for my crowd, we were slightly dissapointed, finding the sandwich dry, though ok, it was like 9:30 pm..but still. Anyway, still a great spot, and the highlight for us were the green and the “burnt ends” pictured above. I’m not going to explain the burnt ends, you just need to go there and try them.

Butter Lane 

In a city inundated with cupcakes,  Butter Lane on East 7th REALLY stands out. ( I can’t say they are my favorite, I will save that for another post) but they are damn close and DAMN GOOD. The place itself is adorable, and the flavors are inventive and plentiful. One GREAT treat they feature is a frosting shot – for $1 you can get a tiny cup (but just enough to make you feel sick) of any frosting flavor – including blueberry, peanut butter, maple and espresso.

Needless to say, we had to lie motionless for a good bit after this evening, but it was a wonderful time!


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