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BBQ at Good Company

I love Brooklyn deeply, and especially Williamsburg (to be utterly cliche.) Its less crowded, less expensive and always a great crowd. Yes, there are hipsters everywhere but they are fairly harmless. A friend who just moved here noted, “Ok, I’ve figured it out. The guys are wearing girl shirts and the girls are wearing guys shirts!” – Well said.

Anyway back to the point. The offer of an a nice outdoor space (that just got written up in Time Out New York), a DJ and a 5$ plate of bbq food, drew me instantly, and I was NOT dissapointed.  Finger on the Pulse’s Summer BBQ series at Good Company is a GREAT place for a fun eve with friends. The food was awesome, provided by Not Eating Out in New York, a blog that, quite frankly intimidates me. I mean…its admirable.

(I DONT KNOW HOW TO NOT EAT OUT IN NEW YORK…but wait isnt that the point of THIS blog…)

Description of food from their site –

“For our main course, we’ll be making the Kim Dog, a homemade sausage with pork from Heritage Foods USA and D’Artagnan, lemongrass, shallots and all sorts of secret spices, topped with kimchi and gochujang ketchup. The vegetarian option is Korean rice cakes and asparagus, smothered in a sweet-and-spicy, thick chili sauce that I just spent the last three hours making. The side dishes I think will delight even more: we’re making a watermelon salad with five-spice crusted cashews; grilled fava bean pods with a pungent nuoc cham-like sauce; baby carrots and garlic scapes, also grilled, in an Asian-styled “salsa verde” with the blanched carrot greens and pretty much every herb that exists”


Here is a pic I found of our table, courtesy of Nicky Digital, their photographer. (Ugh there was another picture I got caught in the crossfires of and is horrifying!!)

Looking forward to going again – food is going to be provided by several places that are getting a lot of press.


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