Musings on Dining Out in New York

My boss, the president of a boutique communications firm specializing in food and wine, once said something very wise about why New Yorkers, despite the recession, continue to spend money on dining out. I dare say it was one of the early, influential comments that told me its ok…dive right in..the water is fine (AND EXPENSIVE) but fine!

She said, at the end of the day, after New Yorkers work long, stressful hours at their jobs which are probably thankless in one way or another, the last thing they want to do is sit in their small apartments, alone. The act of dining out is about being part of something bigger, seeing and being seen, being in beautiful spaces, experiencing new tastes, enjoying the energy of the evening with friends and family. It connects you to a place you may have read about or heard about, its a culture.

NOW of course the bit about stressful jobs and small apartments bit doesn’t have to resonate 100%, I mean yes, my West Village apartment is TEENY TINY but my roommate has transformed the kitchen into a warm, country home and there are time when I LOVE decompressing alone in my little cozy room with a….veggie burger and…frozen vegetables. But I’m speaking in defense of eating out. It is a treat I must allow myself to have….in …moderation – OH who am I kidding!

It is strange that a girl that loves food and seeing others make it wouldn’t have grasped the process of buying and making it herself, but someday I do hope to. Until then, the restaurant world is my playground!


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