The Blogosphere – Part 2

Personal Blogs

These are some TALENTED LADIES whom I admire. Their blogs are whimsical and stunning and delicious. It’s amazing to see how an internet fanbase has been built around some of these blogs – these women have fans everywhere and eventually many of them make $$$ on cookbooks, appearances and cooking classes. A huge culture has been built around them. **All photos credit of the wonderful blogs they precede** Consider me the over enthusiastic middleman….for now!

The Pioneer Woman

Have to start with the queen, The Pioneer Woman aka Ree Drummond. An LA city girl who married a rancher in Oklahoma and has practically built an empire out of her life on the range. A self-proclaimed “desperate housewife,” Ree’s charming humor, incredible photography and simple yet contemporary comfort food wins you over instantly. Her cookbook is sitting in plain sight at all times at my parents’ house. 


Bakerella is just an allstar. Such fun, such great photos, such creative treats. GIMME THOSE PANCAKES. no really….give them to me. 

Smitten Kitchen

In my opinion, the most elegant, impressive food photography would be that of New Yorker Deb of Smitten Kitchen.  I don’t think I need to go into further detail. Her work speaks for itself. WOW.

Joy The Baker

Big fan of Joy the Baker. You just want to be friends with her, straight up. Her baked goods are always just so delightful. I love her presentation. Want to make these.



Have to save a special spot for Cakespy, who I would classify as a hybrid. Cakespy is a constant stream of decadent recipes and informative articles on all things dessert around the country. She is also a contributor to Serious Eats.    I LOVE CAKESPY. let me say again, I LOVE CAKESPY.  It was she who told me about THESE.

Some other great, great blogs are:

These blogs make me happy.


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