The Blogosphere – Part 1

That word will never cease to make me laugh.  But seriously, I spend a WHOLE LOTTA TIME reading m’blogs.  Both professional and amateur food/restaurant blogs. Actually, I don’t want to say amateur because what is amazing (and possibly alarming to journalists) is that the line between professional and amateur blogs is so blurred, everyone has a chance to be heard and appreciated. So I’ll call it, professional and personal.

Restaurant and Food News (New York) Blogs

I start every morning with a healthy dose of Grubstreet, New York Magazine’s Food and Restaurant Blog. In my opinion, it’s the best. You could technically have it emailed to you, but I prefer to check it feverishly every hour. Everything from cool events to restaurant openings to food trends. One of my favorite features is “New York Diet,” which follows a well-known person through of a week of eating in New York. I especially loved the one on April Bloomfield, who is the amazing chef and co-owner of restaurants like The Spotted Pig (note this blogger’s post on the dutch baby) and The Breslin (whose duck salad with brussels sprouts, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds and parmesan was life changing. LIFE CHANGING!!! I think they took it off the menu. I’m scared to look. I digress….).

My second favorite professional food blog is (both the National and the New York version).  In general, Eater is a little more down and dirty – more of a tabloid than Grubstreet –  but the writers at Eater post more often, with little bits of great info coming in all day, from deals and to funny tweets from famous chefs. One column that I especially LOVE is called Who Goes There, which explores rogue neighborhood restaurants that have been there FOREVER and its hard to see why. (Hmm I think I just sucked the humor out of that description). Another unique feature on Eater is the Eater 38 – their grouping of best restaurants spanning beyond Zagat, Menupages and the other conventional lists.

There are many other blogs in this category

and more…but I find Grubstreet and Eater the most user-friendly and they all basically source from the same places.



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