Food, life and the city

Well, it’s time for a new blog. Inspired by my love of food, restaurants and this great city called New York (and in appreciation of the millions of others who are blogging away), I’m just going to dive with the rest of the teeming horde into the city’s most newly saturated market – food blogging.

The reason for the name of this blog, which for a brief 10 seconds I thought terribly original and now realize…well it’s just not – but the reason for the name is because for me, the greatest gift this city has to offer, which causes me to fall in love with it over and over again, is not the money, glamour, fashion, nightlife, high society, social climbing, competitive meat market club scene…..but ah, the sweet, pure, delicious, decadent, expensive or not so expensive, food CULTURE – of restaurants, of chefs, of journalists, of enthusiasts, of those who love nothing more than enjoying food with friends and all that it entails.

oh and also because I do love snacks….terribly. And will never say no to one.


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