A bit of background…

Ok – so despite my great love of food, restaurants and food blogs, I actually don’t cook. Not that I wouldn’t want to, it’s just not part of my life at this particular juncture. Also, to my HUGE fan-base for my old blog, Food Fun and Bad Photos, I’m sorry but I’ve decided to take this in a new direction.

(my HUGE fan-base was mostly concentrated in Naples, Florida, namely at one place called my parents’ house)

Anyway, I’m going to extract my favorite bits from the old blog and post them on this one, as a sort of bridge to the blog future……at some point….ooo man I forgot how much you have to focus on not procrastinating when you blog. YIKES.

oh another thing of background, I’m not all that computer savvy. But I will make a concerted effort to spellcheck – shout out to my father!

umm… well… I guess here is a picture of me to give you all the rest of background that’s important

I finkling love donuts. I LOVE THEM.

These are from Doughnut Plant in the Lower East Side. SO GOOD. Such a great place. This is making me want to go off on a tangent about THESEEE !!!!!!! I have spent HOURS on this website. But we’ll save that. Ok wait I can’t save it. Onto a new post.


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